How many ways to make your hair grow faster & stronger?

How many ways to make your hair grow faster & stronger?

How many ways to make your hair grow faster & stronger?

In fact every person born with 100,000 follicles, by time and as you age some of these follicles stop growing or producing hair which causes hair thinning or baldness. How fast the hair grows depends on many factors like: age, gender, hair type, your overall health and your health conditions.

So, what can you make your hair grow faster?

There are some advice for speed up your hair growth, such as keeping up with your vitamins, since our bodies need a lot of energy to let your hair grow faster. So if you have deficiency in your vitamins and nutrients you have to take them from your diet( especially protein) with certain supplements. The most important nutrients that promote your hair growth are: Omega-3, Zinc, Biotin (vitamin B7), Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin D. *“Discuss taking Biotin and the other supplements with your doctor before taking them, for they may be interact with other medications you already take”.

When to wash your hair?

It’s depends on your hair type, if you have oily hair you should wash your hair everyday but if you have damaged or dry hair you don’t need to wash it daily.

Scalp massage!

Doing scalp massage can greatly promote the blood circulation in your scalp, which will speed up your hair growth, and give your hair an attractive look.

Does smoking affect your hair growth?

Yes, research has shown that smoking reduces blood flow in your scalp, which means that hair follicles do not get the nutrients they need from the blood, so quitting smoking is one of the most important steps to increase hair growth and minimize hair loss.

Apply these three essential oils to your scalp:

Some of the essential oils benefit your hair by improving scalp and scalp follicles health, speeding your hair growth, improving your hair texture, and adding shine and strength to your hair.

The Tea tree, Lime, Rosemary oils can improve your hair growth, thickness and make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Briefly, boosting scalp health and hair growth entails a healthy hair habits along with a healthy lifestyle. To keep your hair growth strong and fast you need to do the following: get your vitamins and nutrients from your diet along with supplements if you have deficiency, avoid extreme diets, quit smoking, protect your hair from heat, sun, and chlorine, and last step is applying essential oils to your hair at least once or twice a week for that we recommend using Lepares natural oil for its benefits in improving your scalp and hair health and growth .

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