What Is The Cause Of Hair Breakage And How To Stop Hair Breakage

What Is The Cause Of Hair Breakage And How To Stop Hair Breakage

What Is The Cause Of Hair Breakage? And How To Stop Hair Breakage?

Firstly, we have to know what is hair breakage?

Hair breakage is when your hair goes ragged and splits instead of being healthy from scalp to its ends. It is happening to many people and in all hair types from straight to curly.

What are the hair breakage causes?

There is a variety of reasons of hair breakage, they are more than 10 causes of hair damage and breakage:
  1. Diet: There is an old saying “ you are what you eat “ it is very important when it comes to your skin and hair health. You have to make sure that you are eating enough protein, antioxidants, zinc, folic acid, and iron in your daily meals.
  2. Dryness & lack of moisture: dry hair is one of the hair breakage causes. Too much heat, dry weather, and low humidity can also cause hair breakage.
  3. Stress: You have to control and manage your stress in order to have a healthier hair.
  4. Heat damage: Before using the styling tools make sure that you apply a heat protecting spray on your hair because hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron need too much heat to give the best results. You can also use ceramic versions for that you don’t have to keep using them in the same part repeatedly.
  5. Over washing & wrong towel drying: while oily hair needs daily washing, dry hair may need weekly shampooing. Be sure that you gently wash your scalp and smoothly applying conditioner from ends to roots. The improper rubbing of the wet hair actually damages the hair, instead you have to blot an absorbent towel over & around your hair to absorb excess water.
  6. Incorrect combing & brushing: To prevent breakage you have to use a wide-tooth brush, and you only brush your hair when it is dry and not wet.
  7. Hair ties & the lack of trim: Wearing a narrow hair band can damage your hair, so you have to wear a real hair tie. And to avoid damaging hair you need to trim it around every eight weeks to keep your hair healthy with no split ends. Also trimming dry ends could prevent hair breakage.
  8. Eating & Thyroid disorders:
People who have Thyroid disorders can notice dry hair, their hair becomes thinner and the suffer from hair loss also not only hair breakage. Eating disorders can disturb individual’s hair growth which can lead to hair breakage.

How to stop hair breakage?

The initial step is to know the cause of hair breakage, then you can boost your hair health by using hair straightener products or changing your hair care routines like avoid using a harsh chemicals and heat treatments that damage your hair. You can also use a conditioner that suits your hair type, since conditioner can keep your hair more manageable, and increase hair smoothness and shine. Brushing your hair with wide-tooth comb and combing it gently. And do not forget to use a proper hair ties and tying your hair loosely. Eating a balanced meal to make sure that you are getting all vitamins & minerals you need to prevent hair breakage. Changing your hairstyle often. Reduce stress! And the most important thing is to use a high quality shampoo in which you can wash your hair with it to help your hair gets healthier.

By following all of these advice you definitely will have a healthy hair and can prevent hair breakage. And finally we recommend using Lepares Scalp & Hair Repair Shampoo which can help you achieve a shiny & healthy hair and stop hair drying and damaging because of its natural texture which is full of multivitamins like vitamin A & E and of course it is a sulfate free shampoo.

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